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Golden Bay Summer



19th - 28th January 2024

Welcome to the Golden Bay Summer Arts Festival 

We are proud to bring you a summer festival which captures the essence of the artistic community here in Mohua. The festival consists of a number of individual events offered by local creatives for you to enjoy.

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Vision and Values:


To empower the development of sustainable community-led practices, productions and events within the framework of a seasonal festival promoting Golden Bay/Mohua as a destination to experience quality arts and Ngā Toi.


EMPOWERMENT - the festival acknowledges the depth of experience, expertise and creativity held within the Golden Bay/Mohua community and will provide structures, processes and support that nourishes the potential, integrity and qualitative expression of these skills.

SUSTAINABILITY - the festival acknowledges when the creatives who contribute to the festival are nourished the festival will thrive.

COMMUNITY LED - the structures and processes underpinning the festival will be kept to a minimum to allow the freedom for champions from the diverse artistic communities in Golden Bay/Mohua to take the lead in defining the activites that make up the festival - recognising these communities know best how to manifest their artform.

ACCESS and WELL BEING - the festival also acknowledges the potential of emerging artists and artforms needing structure and support to participate in the festival with confidence and efficacy.

DIVERSITY - the festival embraces all artforms and cultural expression of creativity recognising those creating on the edge of an artform and/or the act of creativity are pioneers in human expression.

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