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Golden Bay Summer Arts Festival Registration


   Golden Bay Community Arts Council with support from the Ministry of Culture and Heritage are super excited to announce a Summer Arts Festival in the Bay in January 2024. The heart of the festival will be from Friday 19th January to Sunday 28th January however our vision is for workshops and events happening a week either side of these dates to be included in the schedule.

   What makes this festival special is its focus on being community led. In essence the festival provides a light structure to support our communities creatives and creativity to express itself. We are not looking at organising something that requires a small number of individuals to put in a lot of effort rather our vision is that individuals and arts communities think about something they can make happen at that time of year. This way the festival will be a collection of events giving the feel of something significant!

   Gary Smith the festival coordinator, will be available to provide support and the festival
itself has the facilities to financially underwrite your event. Beyond this the festival itself
will provide comprehensive marketing and ticketing services taking care of another
significant aspect of event organising.

What we need is keen folk to champion their ideas! To register choose from one of the following:







Register Event if you have a clear idea of what you want to do.

Register Interest if you have some ideas but would like to work with the festival coordinator to develop them

Register Skills if you have skills you feel are useful to the festival

Register Resources if you have resources you feel are useful to the festival

Volunteer because the festival sounds cool and you just want to be involved!

   If you are not sure or prefer to explore options in person please feel free to contact Gary, the festival coordinator on ph. 02102778363 or email

   In essence this festival is about collectively celebrating the depth of creative talent and energy here in the Bay. The festival itself is committed to working in partnership with the diversity of art forms, creativity and cultures with a connection to our region. We have an eye on the event being held annually and moving into the month of February from 2025 as a mechanism for extending our summer visitors season.

   We would love to see a number of workshops happening during and in the weeks either side of festival week, particular workshops focused on families or one day workshops for women wanting a creative break.


   We imagine events could be held in the remote regional halls around Golden Bay/Mohua, so it’s an opportunity for creatives of all types to present their work in the small communities in which they live!


How being involved works:
The festival is managed by a festival coordinator.

Creatives as individuals or champions of an arts community, register interest in being involved as following:

  • Register Event - you have a clear idea of what you want to do and are ready to enter discussions with the festival co-ordinator.

  • Register Interest - you have skills and some idea of what you would like to do and would like to work with the festival coordinator to develop these into an event.

  • Register Skills and/or Resources - you are keen to be involved and have skills and/or resources you feel are useful and would like to connect with the festival coordinator to explore supporting an existing event or collaborating with others to form an event. 

  • Volunteer - you just want to be involved because the event sounds cool!

You (and your community) build a partnership with the festival where you have the freedom to define what, how and where your art form is presented. The only criteria we have is that your offering has integrity.

The festival will provide the following:

  • Support developing a comprehensive production plan (including a budget) for your event.

  • Support obtaining funding, sponsorship and exploring ways to generate a financial return from your event.

  • Where needed, the financial underwriting of your event.

  • Ticket selling services.

  • An overview of the festival as a whole including looking for opportunities to network and collaborate across diverse arts sectors.

  • Technical support (including recognising where resources can be shared).

  • Where possible the support you need to develop your skills and capacity, with a clear eye on sustainability.

  • Support developing marketing material for your specific event.

  • Development of comprehensive marketing material and strategies for the festival as a whole.


Foundations of Partnership:
All partnerships between you (your community) and representatives of the festival will be based on:

  • Open disclosure of intention.

  • Open and timely sharing of information.

  • Commitment to learning and supporting others to learn the intricacies of building a sustainable relationship that values respect for diveristy and knowledge, and recognises the depth of meaningful connection.

  • Recognising the value of trust, honesty and integrity.

  • A clear procedure for conflict resolution.


Underwriting Events - based on the development of a comprehensive budget, the festival will negotiate to underwrite the production of your event up to a specified amount. The festival will receive 15% of all revenue (with the exception of funding and/or sponsorship) associated with the event.

This return needs to be factored as a cost in the development of your events budget.

Once the event has reached returns equal to and exceeding the agreed upon amount, the offer to underwrite will be retracted in recognition the event has obtained financial security. 

If the event falls short of the agreed amount the festival will make up the difference providing your event with financial security.

Beyond the 15% return to the festival you as the producer of your event have full autonomy to determine how profits are distributed. The festival will advocate for a percentage of profits to be reinvested into you (or your community's) ability to have a presence at the next Summer Arts Festival. The festival is able to hold and earmark finances for your community to use in this way.

All events that are part of the festival will provide up to 15% return of all revenue to the festival as a recognition of the festival's support, organisational and marketing services.

All finances will be managed by the festival and the GBCAC for auditing purposes.

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